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petTracer is an ultralight GPS collar designed specifically for cats. Built from the ground up to be a safe and comfortable collar with one mission – to be able to locate your cat whenever you want and wherever you are.

Know your cat's


petTracer™ – The world’s most advanced GPS Cat Collar

Watch the Film

petTracer a Tv Star

petTracer was not only shown in the Tv show "Die Höhle der Löwen" on VOX (German TV) but it was also tested in the TV show "Einfach Genial". It is an exciting program on MDR which inspired countless cat owners to get our GPS cat collar with integrated radio search function.

There are 3 main reasons why petTracer is different

(Truly there are many others but these are the 3 you should first know about!)

Two technologies for best results:


Our system is the only one on the market to combine two types of technology to ensure we give you the best chance of finding your cat:

Why is this such a big deal? You need to understand something most other cat tracker manufacturers are not telling you: GPS does not work inside buildings (unless they are paper thin or you are standing next to a window).

This means that if your cat gets trapped in your neighbour’s house or garage whilst they are away he could be locked in there for days as you won’t find him with GPS alone!

The longest battery life on a GPS Cat Tracker - up to 30 DAYS!

petTracer’s own patented smart technology saves battery by putting the collar to sleep when your cat is not on the move. This allows your device to last for over 10 times longer than any other GPS cat collar on the market.

Comfortable, small and ultralight

All the electronics are built inside the collar creating even weight distribution around your cat’s neck. petTracer is unique; not only is it the only cat tracker that includes two types of technology and the longest battery, but it does so by weighing under 34g. It also includes a safety buckle which opens when your cat is in trouble.

  • Even weight distribution
  • 34 grams ultralight collar
  • Safety buckle

Swiss Made – it had to be

Created and manufactured in Switzerland in state of the art facilities. petTracer uses our proprietary technology, Safe Trace TM, which makes it the most advanced GPS cat collar on the market.

Test report of the 10 best GPS Cat Collars

We compare the PET TRACER with other trackers and explain why it is the best choice for your cat.

Get to know your cat’s favourite places

Access historical data with just one tap. Select the desired time frame and use the different viewing modes to get to know your cat:

CIRCLES: Shows the exact locations of your cat based on GPS coordinates.

LINES: Shows the different routes your cat took to get somewhere.

HEATMAP: Shows where your cat likes to hang out the most.

Any time of day, no matter the weather.

petTracer has been designed for all type of weather conditions. From rain to freezing temperatures.

The collar comes with an integrated LED light that can be activated from your portal to make it easier to find when it is dark outside.

Loved and trusted by the community

We are cat lovers and nothing is more important than having a product that works and that helps save cats. We are constantly evolving our software and listening to your suggestions.

Bert from St. John’s – Canada

After using petTracer for a few weeks now, I have got an accurate understanding of where Boots likes to go and where she spends most of the day. The collar is surprisingly light weight and my cat got used to it within an hour. I also find it reassuring that it doesn’t use cell phone radio frequencies. In standard tracking mode, the battery lasts two weeks, which I think is very good.

Miriam from Switzerland

So many Bengal cat owners keep their cats in the house or in an outer cage, fearing that they get away. I find this absolutely inappropriate. Thanks to petTracer owners of Bengal cats might be persuaded to let their animals out. Compliments to the development of the GPS cat collar, I love it. I already had another product in use of which I was not convinced.

Jo from U.K

petTracer does an amazing job. The readings of Sky’s positions are very accurate as I’ve been able to watch where she is and where the collar says she is. I can understand now all the extensive testing you explained while producing the collar as there are many things to get right. Many thanks and best wishes.