Frequently Asked Questions


What is petTracer and how is it different from other products?

petTracer is a GPS cat collar designed specifically for cats. petTracer has all the electronics built within the collar and weights only 34g. As opposed to most other GPS devices on the market, petTracer does not use cell phone technology but a combination of GPS, radio and Wi-Fi technology. petTracer lasts over 10 times longer than any other GPS device on the market. Depending on the chosen settings (mode) it can last up to 30 days.

My cat already has a microchip, do I need petTracer?

Microchips are only useful once a cat has been found and scanned at either a rescue center or veterinary clinic. This can take days or weeks at best. With petTracer you can find where your cat is whenever you want. If your pet goes missing you can find it within minutes without the guesswork and worry.

Where can I buy petTracer?

petTracer is only sold directly from our website

Will petTracer work anywhere in the world?

The technology of petTracer works anywhere in the world. However, petTracer is currently only sold within the UK, the European Union and Switzerland. Please email us if you would like to purchase petTracer but live somewhere else.

Does petTracer work on other pets?

No. petTracer was specifically designed for cats and this is the reason why it works so well. Cats have very different behaviour patterns to dogs for instance and the algorithms that make petTracer such an effective collar would not work well.

Can you guarantee I will find my cat at any time and any place?

No GPS device or collar can do this for certain. petTracer gives you the highest possible chance of finding your cat when you need to. With petTracer you will get to know your cat’s territory and favorite places which can be helpful to understand where to begin looking for your pet. Additionally, with our radio search technology you can even find your cat in places without GPS signal.


Is petTracer waterproof?

petTracer is not officially certified as waterproof but it has been manufactured to withstand all kinds of weather conditions whilst your cat is wearing the collar. The collar should not be submerged in water for a long time and we advise to clean it only with a damp cloth.

Are they different sizes. Will petTracer fit my cat?

The collar has a minimum circumference of 21.5 cm (approx. 8.46 inches) which will fit the average cat. Should your cat have a very small neck (due to its age or breed) a “neoprene band” can be fitted on the inside of the collar to make it smaller. Please contact us should you need more information.

How long does the battery last exactly?

Our patented technology, SafeTrace, allows for up to 10 times more GPS positions per battery charge than most conventional GPS trackers. Depending on the search mode you choose and the activity level of your cat, the collar can lasts up to 30 days.
The different modes explained
  • FAST: GPS position sent every 10 minutes when cat is active and every 60 minutes when cat is not active.
  • STANDARD: GPS position sent every 30 minutes when cat is active and every 3 hours when cat is not active.
  • SLOW: GPS position sent every 4 hours when cat is active and every 24 hours when cat is not active.
  • SEARCH:GPS position sent every 15 seconds regardless of cat’s activity.

How do you charge the collar and how long does it take?

The HomeStation provided with the Starter Kit can charge a collar within 2.5 hours. Email notifications can be set up online to remind you when the battery needs charging. We recommend charging the collar before the battery is flat to prevent permanent loss of the collar.

What is the HomeStation?

The HomeStation is necessary for the petTracer collar to work and is included in the Starter Kit. It helps you charge the collar and acts as the radio signal receiver to forward your cat’s GPS coordinates to our servers, showing your cat’s position on the map.

Is Wi-Fi needed to use petTracer?

Yes, without a Wi-Fi connection the GPS coordinates of your cat cannot be forwarded from the HomeStation to the petTracer Server. If the Wi-Fi is switched off while the collar is on your cat, you risk losing your cat and collar permanently.

How is GPS different from Radio Search?

petTracer offers a unique product by combining two search technologies in one. GPS is the preferred method and is often sufficient on its own. However, as GPS does not work inside buildings, only a collar with radio search ability will be able to help. To use petTracer’s Radio Search you make the HomeStation mobile. Starting from the last known GPS position the app will then guide you in what direction to walk similar to a game of Hot and Cold.

What is the range of petTracer?

The collar has a range of up to 1 mile. This works out to a maximum coverage area of approx. 3.14 square miles. However, the range greatly depends on the type of area you live in. The coverage is automatically extended with a second HomeStation, be this one you own or someone else’s HomeStation.

Can the range be extended?

Yes. Every HomeStation will pick up and pass along all collar signals within range. The signals are encrypted and can only be seen by the owner of the collar. The more HomeStations there are in an area, the greater the coverage.

What do I do if the coverage of my cat’s territory is poor?

The first thing to do is check the location of your HomeStation, which should be placed as high as possible and near a window. Some users buy additional HomeStations and place them at opposite sides of the building to maximize coverage. HomeStations should never be placed in a basement or in a garage. We are currently testing outdoor antennas which will have greater coverage. These will be available shortly to purchase in our shop.

What do I do if my cat goes out of range?

This can happen and usually your cat will return home safely. The collar can store up to 70 GPS positions and you will be able to see where your cat has been. In case of an emergency the HomeStation can also be made “mobile”. This is achieved by configuring your HomeStation with your mobile phone hotspot and connecting it to a power bank. You can now walk around with your HomeStation and power bank. Start your search at the last known position or by walking along the border of your cat’s natural territory. We are currently developing a more user-friendly app for smartphones which will be available to download soon.

How does the petTracer system work?

  1. The petTracer cat collar receives the GPS coordinates from the GPS satellites.
  2. The coordinates are then transmitted from the collar to your HomeStation.
  3. The HomeStation forwards the coordinates through the internet connection to the petTracer server.
  4. The server places your cat’s position on the map which can be accessed remotely from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Do I need a complete petTracer starter kit for each additional cat?

No. One HomeStation can serve up to 5 collars. However, we recommend a second HomeStation if you own more than 2 collars to make charging of the collars easier and more efficient. Only one collar can be charged at the time.


How harmful is cell phone radiation for my cat?

The petTracer GPS cat collar does not generate cell phone radiation. Instead it uses a radio signal comparable to a baby monitor which has an approximately 100 times lower radiation levels than a mobile phone signal. petTracer was made from the ground up to be a very safe option for your cat. Although there are no conclusive studies on the effects of prolonged mobile phone radiation, we decided not take any risks.

Does the collar come with a safety closure?

Yes, safety first! petTracer includes a standard safety buckle which automatically opens should your cat ever get into trouble. However, with petTracer your cat will seldom get stuck, as all the electronics are fitted inside the collar, making it a very safe option for adventurous cats.


Why do I need a subscription to use petTracer?

The petTracer subscription is divided into two parts.
The first part goes toward the cost of the petTracer device which together with the upfront payment of £39.99 will pay the cost of the device over 24 months.
The second part pays for the digital map, server infrastructure and third party fees. Used commercially, these things are unfortunately very expensive.

How much is the subscription?

Yes. You are able to control up to 5 collars with one Home Station. The prices for multiple collars with one Home Station are:

One collar + One HomeStation- £39.99 upfront x £12.99 p/m for 24 months. Reduced monthly fee afterwards
Two collars + One HomeStation – £64.99 upfront x £23.99 p/m*. £11 p/m on your 2nd collar!
Three collars + One HomeStation – £89.99 upfront x £28.99 p/m*. £5 p/m on your 3rd collar!
  • The monthly fee will be reduced after 24 months. You will be notified via email with the different options to continue using petTracer

When do I purchase the subscription?

The petTracer Set will be shipped only once you have set up the subscription.
As soon as you pay the upfront cost for the petTracer Set you will be directed to a page to set up the subscription. You will also receive an email with the link to the subscription set up page.

Do you offer discounts on the subscription for more than one collar?

Yes. You are able to control up to 5 collars with one Home Station. The prices for multiple collars with one Home Station are:

£39.99 upfront x £12.99 p/m for 24 months. Reduced monthly fee afterwards
£64.99 upfront x £23.99 p/m*. £11 p/m on your 2nd collar!
£89.99 upfront x £28.99 p/m*. £5 p/m on your 3rd collar!
  • The monthly fee will be reduced after 24 months. You will be notified via email with the different options to continue using petTracer

How do I cancel my subscription?

We will email you before the end of your subscription with options on how to continue. After 24 months you can opt for a cheaper monthly tariff or receive a new collar and start a new subscription agreement.
Please note that we do not offer refunds should you decide to discontinue with petTracer before the end of the subscription period.


Where can I get customer support?

Please visit for support documentation or email us at

Can I return my petTracer?

We understand that in occasion a collar will need to be returned. Our official cancellation period is 14 days from the day you receive your goods. This is as per the Consumer Contract Regulation which allows a further 14 days from the date you notify the retailer that you’d like to cancel your order to return the goods to them. We would please ask that you take the time to understand how petTracer works. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.